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General Information: The Colourfield Performance CH 2018

 With the prospect of Leeuwarden becoming European Capital of Culture 2018, Dirk Hakze launched an initiative for a new project as part of an artistic series called The Colourfield Performance.



 The Colourfield Performance is the collective term for an extraordinary land art project that Dirk Hakze aims to carry out in collaboration with other artists. The concept is to bring together individual artistic contributions in the form of a single larger scale community project. In this constellation, it is possible to create a prominent work of art, while forming a distinctive symbol set in the landscape. This concept first appeared in 1992 during the Oerol festival on the island of Terschelling. At that time, 144 panels were painted in the form of a 600 meter long snake through the dunes. A similar project, of even greater dimension, was carried out in the year 2000 on the Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog where a total of 1,000 panels were installed on the beach in the form of a water lily leaf. Dirk Hakze teamed up with another artist, Theo Cazjmir, to paint 550 images within a four month period. The fact that two artists worked simultaneously on one canvas was a special feature particular to this project.



 The Frisian capital of Leeuwarden has been selected as European Capital of Culture 2018. This year's central theme for the Capital of Culture is Community, bonding in common purpose. The idea is to consider this collaboration as a coming together of many individuals with a common goal, creating community through their bond. In addition to Leeuwarden, other municipalities in Friesland are welcome to join, provided that their projects share the same central theme. The Colourfield Performance CH 2018 is one such project which supports further development of the municipality of De Fryske Marren and the province of Friesland.

 New Concept of The Colourfield Performance CH 2018

 The idea for this new version of The Colourfield Performance CH 2018, is to create a collaborative work of art with 400 artists in the year 2018. This fits fantastically with the theme “Community”. The work of art has the dimensions of a land-art style project. In an open landscape, 2018 easels will be erected on wooden stakes. The easels with white panels will be arranged to create an equilateral triangle of 144 meters per side. The number 144 comes from the Fibonacci Series, which is intimately connected to the Golden Section. The shape of a triangle was chosen because this mathematical form behaves autonomously towards the structure of the Frisian landscape. At the same time, Dirk Hakze associates a triangle with the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity which together form the principle of our present democracy.


 Dirk Hakze Kunstwerken of Sneek is the organiser of The Colourfield Performance CH 2018, with many volenteers taking on a supporting role. Hakze went on to graduate in Arts Management from University of Amsterdam in Utrecht and subsequently worked in the field of visual arts, performance art and as an organiser of cultural events. Emke Faber took a different path in banking after his studies at the art academy.  After completion of his work in that field, Frans Hulsebosch and Paul Fortuin  joining this campaign as a volunteer project managers.




 To kick off the project, a detailed investigation was undertaken to determine the best possible site. This is located in the municipality of "De Fryske Marren", on the district road near the city of Sloten. There were several criteria used in the selection process for the best possible location, including: accessibility, visibility, adequate car parks, sufficient accommodation and the possibility of bringing economic success to the region. Another point of consideration was if and how the local residents of Sloten could be either directly or indirectly involved in the process. This included establishing contacts with: landowners, small- and medium-sized companies (gastronomy), campgrounds, bed and breakfast facilities, communities and residents. For the success of The Colourfield Performance CH 2018, it is very important that local residents can identify with the project in their immediate vicinity.


 Residents of Sloten

 Besides personal encounters and corresponding exchange of information, local residents will be encouraged to sign up for our newsletter, in order to set the initial identification process in motion. Also, we hope to encourage residents to get involved as volunteers. Another idea is the possibility of residents hosting one or more artists during the course of the project in 2018. This would facilitate a cultural exchange between a diverse group of individuals. We are also considering the involvement of teachers and students in the kick-off of The Colourfield Performance CH 2018, but whether this is feasible depends on the administrative costs associated with this form of participation.


 Using a waterproof multiplex panel measuring 122 cm x 122 cm, the idea is that all participants complete one work of art per day. The work will be carried out in daily groups of 8 artists. Each participating artist is invited to exercise complete and total freedom of expression in creating his or her artwork on the spot. There is only one condition; black may not be used. After 101 days, the result will be a multi-coloured  work of art comprised of a myriad of individual parts. The concept is that colours blend together, when viewed from a higher vantage point. The best perspective from which to view The Colourfield Performance CH 2018 is from the cannon atop the ramparts of Sloten.


 Each artist who is resident of the European Union may participate in this project. All participants will be introduced individually on the project website, and will be offered a link to their personal website. Artists will be invited to apply by way of publicity appearing in specialised literature, various forms of press and media, as well as via social media. Participant registration is possible via the project website beginning on 1st February 2016. For early registration, before 1st December 2017, a participation fee of only €200, -per artist / per panel will be charged. Thereafter, the registration fee will be €250, - per participant. To participate please click on Participant Information.


 Schedule and Organisation

 The first group of 8 artists will begin painting on May 15th. On 15th September, the last images will be painted. A participation day begins at 8:30 a.m. and finishes approximately 90 minutes before sunset. In that way, there will still be sufficient time for cleaning paintbrushes and preparing for the following day. While painting is taking place, a protective cloth will be placed beneath each panel to avoid any paint contamination to the ground. When it rains, the easels will be covered with tarpaulins. In addition, all freshly painted artworks will be covered in the evenings to dry during 24 hours.



 The project will commence on May 15th and end on September 30th 2018, as previously mentioned. Experience in earlier projects shows that the number of visitors increases the more the "The Colourfield" takes shape. Not much can be said about the number of visitors but the estimate is for several thousand. Spectators wander through the project, and often return several times to follow the progress or to purchase an artwork. A visit to this unique project is an experience for the spectators! Gates will be open to visitors daily from 9.30 a.m., and remain open until 30 minutes before the close of artistic activities. Admission is free.


 The project will be funded through a combination of participant registration fees, crowdfunding, sponsorships, sales of artwork and subsidies.


 For sponsors of Colourfield Performance CH 2018, the organisation has put together a comprehensive programme. This information will be provided to interested parties via Email. While all sponsorships include logo placement on our website, the organisation is always open to new ideas. The Colourfield Performance CH 2018 can be a great success for all participants. New sponsors and special support (subsidies) will receive additional mention on social media.


Photo images will be taken daily and appear on our website: . In addition, a photo reportage documenting artistic activities and the development of the project will also appear daily, as well as the announcement of upcoming events and interviews with participants. Advertising on behalf of the project and participants will be handled by the organisation. We are considering TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and social media.




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