The Colourfield Performance CH 2018

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The Colourfield Performance CH 2018 is a unique platform for artists. Any artist resident in the European Union may participate. Within the scope of the project, each participant is free to implement his or her own ideas through image and colour. A project of this magnitude could not be realised by a single individual. Therefore, the concept is exceptional and lends itself to the central theme. Getting involved offers a unique experience and provides many advantages, such as publicity, contacts to other artists, as well as to potential buyers, galleries and museums. The Colourfield Performance CH 2018 website will name all participants with their respective place of residence and will also provide a link to each artist’s personal website, thereby enhancing sales potential. For sales through the organisation, a small commission of just 10% of the sales price will be charged (minimum € 100, - excluding 21% VAT per painting).



Using a waterproof multiplex panel measuring 122x122 cm, the idea is that all participants complete one work of art per day. After 101 days, the result will be a multi-coloured collective work of art, comprised of a myriad of individual parts. To ensure your chance to participate, we recommend early registration. The registration form includes is a question about the participant’s height. With this information, the panels can be mounted each participant. As the initiator of the project, Dirk Hakze will be contributing 99 paintings.




The registration fee is € 200, - per artist / per panel. This price is only valid until December 1st 2017. Thereafter, the registration fee will be € 250, - per participant. Participants can register on The Colourfield Performance CH 2018 website until of December 1st 2017. Please refer to Registration Form. The fee is due and payable on the website via iDeal, upon registration. An Email confirmation will be automatically generated. By September 1st 2017, each participant will have received a link by Email, allowing participation. Artists can also be registered by galleries. Here, however, apply a different rule. Please refer to List of Participants.


Naturally, costs associated with a large scale undertaking of this type are high. The project is being funded through a combination of participant registration fees, crowdfunding, sponsorships, sales of paintings and subsidies. The funds will be used for the procurement of materials, as well as for the construction and installation of canvas panels, and the restoration of farmers’ land at the end of the project. Top quality acrylic paint from Talens and Winston & Newton will be provided, along with Lyons paintbrushes. Artists who would like to work with other types of paintbrushes are requested to bring these along. The organisation will provide lunch, coffee, tea, milk, etc. and various sandwiches.



The period of painting commences on May 15th and ends on September 15th 2018. Nineteen (19) artists will work on their paintings each day. Artists will work from 8.30 a.m. until 90 minutes before sunset on their respective participation days. In that way, there will be sufficient time for cleaning paintbrushes and preparing for the following day. In case of rain, the easels will be covered with tarpaulins. A protective cloth will be placed beneath each panel to avoid paint contamination to the ground. Each participant will receive a wagon with a mounted pallet and enough spaces for personal items. The freshly painted panels will be covered for 24 hours to dry.



We will announce any accommodation open to participants on our website beginning in 2017. We are making efforts to secure discounts with suppliers. The cost of accommodation is not included in the registration fee.




The project runs from May 15th to September 15th 2018. From September 16th to 30th 2018, all individual artworks can be viewed in their totality as one complete work of art. We expect the project to attract a large audience; as a conservative estimate between 25,000 and 150,000 visitors. The number of visitors increases as the project progresses. Returning visitors are not uncommon, as many take pleasure in following the development of the project or are interested in purchasing an artwork.



The organisation will charge a commission of 10% per artwork sold, with a minimum of € 100, - excluding 21% VAT. The artworks will remain the property of the respective artist. The sale of an artwork requires prior written consent of the artist. This agreement will be documented at a later stage. Each panel will be assigned a number, corresponding to the event registration form number. The organisation will be in charge of the administration of sales. We bring buyers and artists into contact. The artist is responsible for the delivery of the artwork to the buyer. Please refer to Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Demounting of Panels 

The demounting of panels begins on October 1st 2018. The organisation will notify participants by E-mail, SMS or Whatsapp with information about the date and time when artwork may be collected. The organisation aims to have completed the process of demounting panels by mid-November.



Advertising on behalf of the project and its participants will be handled by the organisers. We are considering TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and social media, in addition to promotional material such as posters and brochures. As soon as painting begins, our website will include the publication of photo's, video's and reports chronicling the artwork. We are also looking into the possibility of publishing a book on the project after it comes to a close.


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