Terms and Conditions of Participation in The Colourfield Performance CH 2018

Terms and Conditions of Participation in The Colourfield Performance CH 2018

  • By registering for the event, participants declare that they have fully read and accept the terms and conditions set forth on the registration form.


  1. An application becomes valid only upon completion and submission of the registration form and after receipt of the full registration fee.


  1. Should the project not take place, due to unforeseen circumstances, participants will receive a refund of the registration fee (less a € 20 administration fee).


  1. A maximum number of 8 participants may work on their artwork on any given day. If participants wish to come in groups, they may request to be scheduled for the same day, should space still be available. On the registration form, participants should note whether they wish to take part independently or if they prefer to team up with others in a group. Groups must be officially registered, by sending a separate Email notification to the organisers, naming the individual members of the group. 


            Participation is at one’s own risk; no damage compensation


  1. Participation in The Colourfield Performance CH 2018 art project, organised by Dirk Hakze Kunstwerken, is entirely at one’s own risk. Dirk Hakze Kunstwerken does not accept any liability or responsibility for accidents, death or personal injury of any kind that may occur either before, during or after the conclusion of The Colourfield Performance CH 2018. Furthermore, Dirk Hakze Kunstwerken accepts no liability for damage compensation in the event of theft or loss of personal property before, during or after the conclusion of the project. The same also applies to volunteers engaged through or on behalf of Dirk Hakze Kunstwerken.


  1. Participants will be divided into day groups, working in close proximity to one another so they can assist others quickly, as need be (for example, in case of sudden rainfall). All participants will be assigned a panel for their artwork, adjusted according to their height. Each panel will be marked with a number, corresponding to the project registration form number, which will also be used as an identifier for all correspondence.


  1. Each participant will receive a wagon with a mounted pallet, as well as enough space for personal items. Pallets will be equipped with plastic trays for mixing paint. Any paint remaining at the end of the session will be collected and re-distributed to the group on the subsequent workday. A protective cloth will be placed beneath each panel to prevent paint contamination to the ground.


  1. Artists may exercise complete and total freedom of expression to create their artworks on the spot. Each contribution is equivalent to the other; together forming part of a large-scale collaborative whole. There is only one condition; black may not be used.


        1.  The organisation will provide participants with acrylic paint in a wide array of colours,                with the exception of black. In addition, Lyons paintbrushes will be made available.                    Participants who would like to work with other types of paintbrushes are requested to                bring these along.


  1. Dogs are not allowed on the premises where artworks are installed.


  1. For possible sale of artworks, the organisation requires that participants provide prior written consent. Consent forms will be provided by the organisation at a later stage.


  1. Participants will be able to specify their participation date on the project website beginning on September 1st 2017. Groups will be able to fix their participation date even earlier.


  1. If a participant is unable to take part on the relevant participation date or wishes to postpone or swap dates with another participant, it will be the responsibility of the individual participant to manage the rescheduling. A message board will be set up on the project website where participants can post messages. In addition, the organisation will maintain a waiting list, should registration exceed 1,919 participants.


  1. The project will be completed in 101 days, weather permitting. Even in summer, inclement weather conditions may occur, making it impossible to work outdoors. As such, we have scheduled reserve days during the entire period. The organisation will continually monitor day-to-day weather conditions. If it is not deemed possible to work outdoors on any given day, the organisation may reschedule the affected group of participants to a reserve day. Participants will be notified of such decisions as soon as possible.


  1. After all panels have been painted and The Colourfield Performance CH 2018 comes to a close, the complete collaborative artwork will be on display to the public until October 1st 2018. Participants will not be able to access their artwork until this date.


  1. At the end of the project on October 1st 2018, the panels will be demounted. There is no storage space available on the premises. As such, participants shall collect their artworks on a previously agreed date. Participants who fail to collect their artwork will be charged accordingly and / or the organiser will take possession of the artwork.


  1. Our organisation is also concerned about sustainability and the environment. At the end of the project, we wish to return the land in perfect condition to those farmers who granted us use of it during this period. We request that all participants exercise prudence in protecting the environment. We do not accept responsibility for any pollution/environmental damage caused by participants. Each individual will be held responsible for any pollution/environmental damage which he or she causes.


  1. Each participant is responsible for ensuring that the property of others (e.g. participants, audience or organisation) is not damaged while work is in progress.


  1. Should participants and Dirk Hakze Kunstwerken wish to enter into any supplementary agreements, such agreements must be set forth in writing prior to becoming effective.



  1. Any disputes arising in connection with this project will be settled pursuant to the laws and jurisdiction of the Dutch court system.