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Most frequently asked questions :

 I don’t live near Sloten and most probably will need accommodation. Will this be handled by the Orga-Team ?

No. Everybody has to organize himself. A list of accommodations will soon be published on our website. We are trying to get a discount for our participants. For further information, please look on our website on a regular basis.

Why does the Orga-Team already start now with the subscription?

 A project of this size and with so many participants needs a long and thorough preparation.

 We can also participate as a  group?

Yes, no problem !  However, the group is not allowed to be bigger than 19 people. It is recommended to inform the Orga-Team by mail well beforehand.

Is the choice of artists at the discretion of the Orga-Team ?

No, each participants is welcomed. However, we look at the website of the respective artist to see whether it will be interesting to interview a participant.

Each participant should answer the question for himself: is it possible for me to paint a picture at the size of 122cm x122 cm in one day ?

Also you have to be aware that you have to work outdoors as well as in front of the public. 

When can I specify my preferred date ?

As of the 1st of September 2017,  you will receive a link where you can fix your date preferred.

What if on the date originally chosen, I all over sudden can’t make it ?

 Your will get the opportunity to leave messages on the website from 2018 onwards e.g.  you would like to switch the date. In any case the participants are responsible for possible replacement or exchange with another artist themselves. In addition the Orga-Team will build up a list of reserve participants if more than 1919 artists should inscribe.

Suppose a visitor should be interested to buy my picture, how is the process than?

Please refer to the conditions of sale.

How do I find the project in Sloten?

Please refer to directions.

What happens if it starts to rain?

If it is a little splash, the picture will be protected by a cover. If it should rain several hours, a transparent roof will installed under which it will be possible to continue to work. This is only possible if winds are not too strong. Maximum is a wind force of 5.

What happens with storm ?

The development of the weather will be observed regularly. Should the weather make any painting impossible, it can happen that a complete group of artists will be transferred to those reserve days. The group will be informed as soon as possible. Even though the participants work on they own risk and the Orga-Team takes over no liability what so ever, we don’t want to put our participants nor our helpers at risk. Should the wind force be over 5 or heavy storms are announced, the work will be a switched to another day. 






Meest gestelde vragen